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September 2010

Posted: September 13th, 2010

Islam...let me see...Christian persecution documented (Voice Of the Martyrs)...intolerant to Koran burning...but Bible burning acceptable...American Flag Burning a regularly done act...hatred for anything non-Muslim (1.5 Billion = 600 million hate us......you do the math) Rudy Giuliani my Hero right now. He knows a threat when he hears one. Imam ultimatum…Islam a product of a man to control a population for the rule of the earth… Sharia is the sacred law of Islam. I am not afraid but I know when I see evil for what it is...R/I

Bravo! This is terrific! Billboards should be posted nationwide. The opposition just cannot handle the truth.

Posted: July 14th, 2009

The founder of RagingRepublicans.org, the black conservative group that sponsored the sign, told FOXNews.com that the sign was designed to get blacks to rethink their political affiliation -- about 95 percent of blacks voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential elections -- and that this is just the beginning. He said a radio campaign that focuses on "the destructive nature of liberalism" is forthcoming.

"We think it's imperative that [the GOP] try and attract more people from the communities of color to vote their values -- to vote conservative," said Claver Kamau-Imani, who heads the Corinthian Christian Empowerment Church, a small house church in Houston.

What's more, he said, the sign is accurate.

Kimau-Imani told FOXNews.com that King's niece, the Rev. Alveda King, has long argued that her uncle was a Republican, though he acknowledged there was no documentation or voting record to prove it.
I believe it that MLK was maybe not a republican but he would definiatly not be a democrat. The "I have a dream" speech basically says that everyone should not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character....in other words, work hard, go to college, get a job, be dependant on no one but yourself.....Government can not fix your problems, only you can.

Those claims enraged Quanell X, who held a press conference late last week to rally against the sign and ended up in a shouting match over the legacy of the murdered civil rights icon.

The billboard, which Kamau-Imani says cost $3,000 to display for a month, came down shortly after Friday's press conference -- about 20 days ahead of schedule, a move Kamau-Imani attributed to the "spineless" response of the billboard company, SignAd.

"The simple fact is that the leader of the Black Panther Party here in Houston called a news conference and they spooked," he said.

"Quanell X he's from the planet Quanell X in the Obama solar system" This guy is a joke, a spooker as he tell us!!

R/I Comments...
What happened to freedom of speech? He paid his fee for the sign, he should be able to express his opinion. Apparently there is only freedom of democrat speech, all others will be silenced.
The black vote once again is used to promote socialism which is totally out of step with the genuine and spiritual beliefs of America's black church. Democrats back abortion on demand....Blacks - 95% back Democrats......90% of blacks "supposedly" do not back abortion but they enjoy the abuse of the unborn all in the name of civil rights, someone explain this one to me.
Why can't the black see that they are being used to kill the unborn....R/I